Sunday, February 05, 2006


Where a human tries to explain the trots to an attractive alien....

“I can’t go with Tarrant-Arragon.”

“Oh, so you remember who he is, do you? Scary fellow, isn’t he? Gives hardy fighting men the trots when he is in one of his bad moods. Not so much these days, though.”

“What are trots?”

“Montezuma’s revenge, love. The squirts. Loose bowels. The runs. Trotting is just a slower, more vertically jerky method of running. If I thought about it, I’d have to say that a man might elect to trot if he wanted to clench his buttocks while moving briskly in the direction of a toilet.”

Grievous considered a demonstration trot around the room, but decided against. It wasn’t the image a suitor wanted to impress his future ladylove with.

“No, love. Even if you were back on your feet, and able to remember what the bad guy did to you, you can’t go to a party with Tarrant-Arragon.”

So, what do you think, Bloggers? Should I move literary Heaven and Earth to keep it in, or should I cut it with immense relief (since I need to shorten my novel by 100 more pages) ?

Rowena Cherry


Jenna Leigh said...

I like it, but then again, I'm weird, ask Mechele Armstrong, she will vouch that I am a card carrying member of the Insane in the Membrane Union of Freaks.

SpecRom Joyce said...

It's really funny. Cut some sex, leave in the funny. :)

Brenda said...


That's so "you" and so funny!
Keep it!!

Rowena Cherry said...

Thank you Jenna, Joyce Ellen and Brenda for your encouragement and support.
I'll leave it in. Worst case is that the editor will cut it for me.

Best wishes,