Thursday, April 24, 2008

Joy and....FABIO!!

Just got back from Romantic Times Magazine's Booklover Convention in Pittsburgh. It was a crazy week, but the highlight for me was definitely meeting the romance cover model icon...


Fabio might be pushing fifty (truth be told, I'm not so far off myself) but he is still hot, hot, hot! His Italian accent is to die for! And he's very gracious, too.

All the best!


DEEP MAGIC: Druids of Avalon #2
Jan 08
Gwendolyn risks forbidden magic and forbidden love in her quest to forge a magical sword in Avalon's defense.

Coming Oct 2008!
When Mac sets out on the trail of a dangerous death witch, he never dreams the chase will lead him straight to Hell.

Monday, April 14, 2008

If you love books, sign this petition

Copyright is being infringed every day, and there is not a lot we (midlist and lower) authors can do about it.

As fast as we discover another site where our books have been illegally scanned, turned into e-books, and are being "shared", then spent half a day writing to the site's moderators, and perhaps getting the links removed... the thieves go elsewhere.

I saw a journalist blog the other day that because J K Rowling won't miss the royalties, it is acceptable for readers to steal from every other author, too.

It's not OK. Not all copies that are read illegally would have been paperbacks sold, but some will, and for some authors, those lost sales will make the difference between whether or not they are ever offered another contract.

When I see that JK Rowling's books are also on the pirate site, I'm glad, because I know that eventually, that site will be shut down, because she is good at defending herself, and the big guns sink pirates faster than lots of little pop guns can.

Today I'm cheering, because I keep the rights to my characters. Don't you? I don't know how someone can publish an Encyclopaedia of Harry Potter without mentioning any of the characters!

I hope the New York judge sides with Ms Rowling!

Anyway....If you think it is only fair that the government defends the book industry's copyrights with the same vigor that they protect the music and movie industries, please consider signing this petition.

Or, pass on the url. Let's make a stir!

Rowena Cherry

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Vote for Mr. Romance 2008!!!

Let your vote be heard! No, not for John, Hillary or Barack - I'm talking about a hot race that has nothing to do with economics or foreign policy - Mr. Romance 2008!

The cover model competition will be sponsored by Dorchester Publishing at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention on Saturday April 19 in Pittsburgh, PA. The Dorchester judges are looking for your votes - even if you're not going to be anywhere near the convention.

Check out the eight Mr. Romance 2008 competitors and cast your vote NOW!

All the best!