Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Number Four

Man, what a crap week I had.

Yeah, yeah, the Stillerz won the Super Bowl. But I had the flu and didn't put one single word to paper (or screen) in seven days. I wasn't sick enough to call off the day job, but didn't have anything left for the stuff that matters to me once I got the day job done.

This fills me with resentment. You can bet there will be writing done at the day job this week! mwah ha ha evil laugh!

How did everyone else do?


Marissa said...

4000 words. Could have been worse but could have been much better. Tummy bug for two days of it, but mostly me being too distracted to BICHOK properly. Damn.

Rowena Cherry said...

Thanks for the advice on the Trots scene. Maybe the scene where the fish bites the hero's penis has to go. I've got down to 444 pages, with 44 still to cut. Sometimes it takes me 4 hours to cut one page! Unfortunately, I still have to insert an as yet unwritten coitus interruptus scene, a dick recognition scene, and a murder.

Oh, and I have a hard deadline.
Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

Gail Dayton said...

Congratulations on the cutting, Rowena. I got down to 47 extra pages from 114 and gave up. I'm going to ship it off and see what suggestions the boss has.