Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fruit Between Friends

I filched this comment from the "main loop"--all due apologies--but thought, "What a GREAT thread!!" Where else but this blogg could we have at this topic, in the manner of our Spicy Group? Here it is:


My first thought: "what are we gonna call it? The mighty shaft of love? The lance of manhoood?" But that was just my first thoght. Here's my second....

Quoth--> I can see it now: "Her hands tangled in his belt, frantically working the zipped.It hissed down, a sound of relief, freedom, and anticipation.Or had that come from Jimmy?At last. At last. He sprang from the nest of curls, straight and proud as a glorious, glorious rubarb."

Hum, brings a whole new understanding of Purple Prose. har har har!



Brenda said...

Rats. I'm so blogg challenged.

Anyway, here's the original quote--> I checked out someones blog where the blogger was angry about the way
an author described a mans' penis. She didn't like the way the author kept on
and on I guess describing it in fruity terms so I ask the question...what's
wrong with a little fruit between friends?

Rowena Cherry said...

Seriously, I don't think I go for rhubarb... for a start it is concave, like Mangold or Swiss Chard. Or a speculum.

For another, rhubarb tends to be used as something English actors are reputed to say when they forget their lines.

And, rhubarb is so frequently, regrettably floppy. And let us not forget that it is a notorious laxative.


Brenda said...

Hah! Really? A speculum???
Yes, that's not at all good. Hardly romantic. zucchini, perhaps? :-P