Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oral sex interruptus

You must tell me if my postings are too vulgar. I would not want to bring down the high intellectual tone of this blog.
However, if I'm starting a thread about my writing progress this week, it has been gratifying.

I am now writing the oral sex interruptus scene.
Originally, there was a dirty dance interrupted scene, where the hero is destroying vegetation with his thwacker to the tune of chopsticks--which he hums, he is on a desert island--while the heroine admires his prowess and insensitivity.

Since my editor told me she needed only 400 pages from me, the dance had to go. Esp if I keep Montezuma. One really had to see the video that inspired the dirty dance scene to fully appreciate it. Unfortunately, I cannot think of another hero on my immediate horizon who would want to play an imaginary piano with his penis... a leaf banger, if you will.
Do you think I should post it on my website?

I thought cutting would be easier, but Insufficient Mating Material has such deep POV stuff about anger and jealousy and unacceptable secret thoughts that I'm having a hard time.

Rowena Cherry


Gail Dayton said...

Cutting is always such a struggle. And if you get all the way down to your 400 pages, I will bow in awe. I sent my book in still 47 pages over. That was better than the 114 pages over I was originally, but still...

Brenda said...

Dear lord, that's a very funny visual. I was thinking along the lines of Flight of the Valkyrie, but you're right. Chopsticks is better. hahahahahahahaaa!