Monday, January 30, 2006

Men look down at their nuts and this THIS???

Brenda, and Joyce,

Thank you for your encouraging comments.

A wanking scene!haahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!Any reference to used tea bags?

But I ask you, rhetorically, do you know of any men who look down at themselves and think:
By Golly, my nuts look like a used tea bag! :-) ?

I think the teabag simile is feminine POV.
I'm told that a male is so used to what he has down there that it doesn't occur to him to describe its looks any more than he would describe his forearm... unless there was something wrong/unusual about its appearance on a particular occasion.

What do the rest of you think?

Rowena Cherry


Marissa said...

Hmmm. Maculine vs, feminie points of view. I can picture a scholarly article in a gender studies journal:

"Tea bags or Love Boulders? Gender Differences in Testicular Imagery"

Hey, I went to a women's college. We had graffiti like this in our restrooms.


Meankitty Says... said...

I think it's an angle issue. As in, the fellas only see their pieces/parts from above and the dangle effect is lost on them. Maybe.


Jenna Leigh said...

I think men WISH it was more like their forearm in size at least. And can they see their testicles when they look down? Or do they need a mirror? If you caught a man doing this would you in fact laugh and snicker and not be able to have sex with him again for the next year? Questions questions. Tea bags? Gah!

Brenda said...

Depends on the man.
I mean, if he's manipulating a dinky winkie, then that's laughable, especially if they stand there and act like it's the Mighty Rod of Passion. (Yes, that's happened to me. I had to turn away.)

Now, if he IS manipulating a Mighty Rod of Passion... *grin*

The tea bags, thing, though. I mean, oy vey!