Monday, January 23, 2006

Week #2 Check!

Okay, now we've finished Week #2 of our Book in a Quarter. Our group has quite a diverse list of goals, as the previous posts show. But some, like me, are In Revision.

I'd rather be In Hell, I think, than In Revision. First drafts are so fun, like eating the icing from a cake then finding out the cake underneath is just as good. Revision is like peeling the burned cheese off a ruined pizza and hoping the crust isn't so bad you have to start from scratch.

But I revised the first three chapters last week, and am going to start working on Chapter Four this afternoon.

So, to everyone: Keep Writing!

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Meankitty Says... said...

I love revising, most of the time hate first drafting. You're just weird ;). You know I have to tell you that at least once a week.