Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rowena Blogs

You know that Cyndi Lauper song: She Bops?

I'm mentally dancing to that tune, but substituting Blog for Bop, I am so glad to be here.... actually, I'm here, there and everywhere but where I ought to be, which is at my iMac writing about Insufficient Mating Material.

That's the title of my "Out, Damned Story" book for the Book In A Quarter.
However, I've also got an urgent problem with a poem about my alien djinn heroes, so I've put out a contest all over the internet.

As for my progress with my novel, it should be around 450 pages, and a few days ago it was 700. I love words to glorious excess! Nevertheless, I have trimmed down to around 600.

I wonder whether I could start Word Watchers for verbose authors?

Best wishes,


SpecRom Joyce said...

Hurrah Rowena for making the blog!

I have the exact opposite problem. I tend to write first drafts too lean, and now in my BIAQ project I need to add about 100 pages.

It's too bad we can't just take your couple hundred pages and shift them into my WIP. Alas, serial killers and vampires don't mix well with djinn-folk.

Always a pleasure to read you :) said...

Hi Rowena, I would take on that job. I'm great at cutting unnecessary things. MoM

Anonymous said...

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