Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Me I Do Not Want To Be

Somebody at work today asked me what I write. When I told them dark romance, they asked "Why dark?" I answered, "Because I'm a pacifist."

On the way home, a man driving a large pickup truck zoomed up behind me while I was passing a wide load transport. I was going 60 mph, but yet he felt it necessary to drive right up the ass of my Buick as I passed. And I thought, very distinctly, that the world would be a much better place if everyone on the planet were fitted with high-voltage-delivering electrodes in their brains, and I controlled the button that turned on the juice. I frequently have thoughts like this, and not just involving electrocution. Sometimes it's flamethrowers. Or, my eternal favorite, the application of Baseball Bat Justice. I often fear that I have these thoughts more than I should. Hence, my commitment to non-violence.

But I can't deny the part of me that wants to breathe firey wrath, wreak vengeance and cause pain. So in my villians, my plots, and many times in my heroines, I let out the Me I Do Not Want To Be.

So you know, somebody better publish me soon or I'll burn down the world. hehehehe.


Meankitty Says... said...

I keep a mental list of people I wish would be publicly humiliated with me getting a chance to witness this. I figure that would have a more lasting emotional affect than a little electrode zap.


Laura said...

I have a list of acquaintences/strangers/ex-friends, etc. Whenever I need a villain, or someone to kill, I just pull one of them out.

There is a book I have notes for called "The Constitution Club." I'm REALLY going to have fun playing inside the beltway!!

Rowena Cherry said...

Illegal in Germany

Driving up close is called Drangling in Germany, and it is illegal.

Another not-good bit of street discourtesy is tooting at a driver who does not elect to make a right turn through a red traffic light. To turn when the light is red is a matter of discretion, not an obligation.

I blame the loud bass sounds from some types of music as contributing to road rage. It is very like an angry heartbeat. Like seeing someone else yawning makes the observer yawn, hearing an angry heartbeat can make the involuntary listener angry. IMHO

Rowena Cherry

emma@laurelweb.net said...

Not only do we need to save the world from your anger I'm again involved in more construction and I COULD USE THE MONEY. MoM