Saturday, January 28, 2006

Male Point of View Masturbation (scholarly thoughts)


I have to share. I've written my male POV wanking scene.
First draft, reasonably polished, but not something I've ever attempted before, not --obviously-- having the necessary appendage. Anyway, my dh read it, snorted over a couple of lines, chortled over another, and passed it as being very "me" but realistic.

The only thing he questioned was that anyone would even think about having sex in a corset. He'd forgotten about what Madonna wore on stage at one point in her career.

Best to all.

Rowena Cherry


SpecRom Joyce said...

At Mrs. Giggles blog, on January 24, she lists things that make a romance hero unbeliable.

She says, first off:

"I find it hard to believe that a macho romance hero will thrash around in bed with unfulfilled desire for the heroine instead of taking at least a cold shower. Most guys would have taken matters in hand, so to speak."

I think a guy wanking for want of the heroine is S-E-X-Y. Good for you, Rowena!

Brenda said...

A wanking scene!

Any reference to used tea bags?


Welcome to the Literary World of Wonder.... said...

Used tea bags! I guess it will do. I'm thinking hard on it.Later.MoM

Brenda said...

Gawd, Rowena, I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe. My ribs hurt. *wheeze* So funny.

Used tea bags. That is classic, and nope I've not had that experience. Good idea. I'll have to use that in my stories somewhere. Not Jago though. He'd beat his chest and say something about the manly size of his Rod of Blessing. *snark!*

Men are so touchy about their testies and their Bell Clapper. I had one boyfriend that had the nerve to clasp his excited member and label is "moby dick" since it was the size of the Great White Whale.

>Do you know of any men who look down at themselves and think:
>By Golly, my nuts look like a used tea bag! :-) ?

Annalee Blysse said...

Joyce... saw that post too. I agree.