Wednesday, March 01, 2006

stasis-- a way to get off the pot...boiler

Sorry to be clinically crude....

I'm eight days from my submission deadline for a 100,000 word story (that I've been asked to cut to nearer 80,000 words).

Cutting left me with about 16 pages of disjointed story points and lines of dialogue or internal dialogue that I simply have to retain. I've been blocked on what to do about it for over a month.... a precious month.

Today--already!--, I realized that I should try putting some of it in the heroine's point of view, even though it was counter intuitive because the hero was eavesdropping on the heroine chatting with a hooker... yes, about his strange looking dork.

I had a boring but important preamble to the fish bites penis action scene, and I could not, as I've said, figure out what to do with it.

Eureka! It adds immense depth.... the heroine wants to be overheard!

What a really good rotorooter when you're stuck on the potboiler.

Best wishes,


Brenda said...

My mom always said, "eat grapes!"
LOL, Rowena. IMM seems to be getting better and better.

Rowena Cherry said...

Avocados, I read, are good for a really "vigorous" bowel movement.

What, I ask is a VIGOROUS one? And how much VIGOR is desirable in such a thing?

One, perhaps, that waves goodbye as it leaves the pan? Possibly with a flourish of toilet paper?

However, for intellectual relief, I find artichokes rather good. Truly... I write better (IMHO) if I've had artichokes the night before.

I have wilder dreams if I eat cheese at bedtime, too. I wonder what I ate last night? I dreamed about an abductor with a cod piece big enough to contain a broadsword. He did not walk very elegantly with that flapping around in front of him.

And he had buttons on it. Not Staples type Easy buttons, things like egg cartons, which he could depress and things happened... bells rang, alien monsters pulling his Mighty Quinn Type sled howled.

Now, I must do my taxes!

Brenda said...

The cod piece that flaps.... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! Good Lord, Rowena, where do you get these lovely visuals? Now we just need to staple on a couple of used tea bags to the broadsword, and we're set. *grin*

Truly, vigorous activity in the John is not something I look forward to. Standard. Steady. Those are acceptable. But "vigorous???" That thought causes some clenching; a sphincter-factor of about 7.5 on the pucker scale.

oh! Was that too high brow? *blush*