Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Men and Their Nuts

From the time they are little boys, men are constantly checking to make sure everything is in place. Boys are always touching, sometimes indiscreetly to make sure the package is secure. Like it's going somewhere? You don't see women doing this. We check our makeup, we know where our 'package' is, and it aint going anywhere. You see men checking the package, while playing sports, did it fall to the bottom of their jock strap? Did it shift position and feel good? Sometimes, they disguise it by adjusting their pants belt.


Brenda said...

And scratching with their thumb while trying to make it look like they're merely checking their fly.

What really is that all about????

I did ask, once, about this 'checking' thing. (Hey! I'm not shy!!) I was told that if Mr. Johnson moved to the wrong angle in their pants, bending or stooping or similiar behaviors just might "pinch". Apparently this is something to be avoided.

Having had that happen in their lives, I was told that most men learn to "check"...just in case.

Now, if I can just BELIEVE that somewhat reasonable excuse.... *grin*

Annalee Blysse said...

A woman's advertisements are up front and much closer to eye level. Faced with such competition, men must have a instinctual need to compensate by pointing out their package.